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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 7, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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we're not the only ones. >> but the bad news is that in there and in state capitols everywhere, they keep adding more red tape. they should stop, but they won't stop. we'll stop. that's our show. thanks for watching. so good to see you on this saturday afternoon. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> i'm gregg jarrett. glad you're with us. snow, ice, subfreezing temperatures, pounding much of the country, causing massive problems out there. we're live in the fox extreme weather center. >> and new anger over obama care. as the white house admits that many of the people who had signed up for the health insurance through the online exchanges may not actually have coverage. >> and the day that lives in infamy. japan's surprise attack on pearl
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harbor 72 years ago today. we'll discuss its infact our war on terror as we remember the fallen. but first, an emotional homecoming for a u.s. military veteran held captive in north koresince late october. 85-year-old merrill newman arriving at san francisco airport earlier today. by the way, that was after turning down a ride on air force 2 with vice president biden. speaking to reporters about being back on american soil. >> it's been a great, great homecoming. tired but ready to stay with my family now and thank you all for the support we got and very much appreciate it. >> we are following the story in
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los angeles. i have to say, he looks pretty good considering what he's gone through. >> absolutely. this is a 32-day ordeal. that's quite a lot for an 85-year-old guy to go through. he wouldn't say exactly how the north koreans had treated him. the only comment he gave us was the food was healthy. no other details. he was very much aware there had been heavy diplomatic efforts to get him released. something he acknowledged when he spoke to the press earlier. listen to this. >> i want to thank the swedish embassy in pyongyang and the american embassy in beijing for all their help. >> he'd been accused by the north koreans of crimes committed during the korean war. at that time, back in the 1950s, it was 1953, the war, he actually helped run a team of
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south korean guerrillas who where fighting against the north. as he was parting the country back in october, they took him off his plane and they'd been holding him ever since. you can see him with his wife and his son. we also know that the vice president, joe biden, has been following this very closely. he was actually in south korea when newman was actually released. this is how he described what it meant to the united states. take a listen. >> there is a piece of good news, the dprk today released someone they should never have had in the first place. but they have mr. bae, who has no reason to be held, should be released immediately, and we're going to demand his release as well. >> mr. bae that he's talking about there is kenneth bae who is a christian missionary who
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has been sentenced to hard labor. not as easy to release him as it was to release newman. newman was a sick 85-year-old man. kenneth bae, a christian minister, missionary, and the koreans very, very suspect about christianity in north korea. they say it's a potential threat to the control the regime has. so geopolitics playing out there. the family saying they would like to see him home soon but it's going to be a lot longer before he returns. back to you. >> thank you so much. the deadly ice storm is moving across the country right now. in dallas, icy roads causing dangerous conditions there for the drivers. and affecting air travelers as well. hundreds of flights being cancelled at dallas-ft. worth international airport.
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and this is the scene in ohio. as the storm moves eastward. threatening to bring a nasty mix of snow and sleet and freezing rain. we are covering it all live at the fox extreme weather center. >> it's not over. part of the reason is we have these incredible temperatures, record breaking cold. it's 26 in dallas. so that ice is not melting. people are urged to stay off the roads. with thh windchill, it feel also worse than that. minus 23 is what it feels like in rapid city. feels like 9 in chicago. single digits in kansas city. this cold is going to hang on. so first round of weather moving off the east coast. we are seeing a little mix here once again across the arklatex. we have some energy moving in across the west that's going to help this next storm system really get its act together over the next 24 to 48 hours. future radar, we're going to see some snow over the four corners.
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fresno, you could get measurable snow as well, the first time since 1998. temperatures 27 degrees in fresno, california. then we watch the future radar. a mix of snow, rain and sleet. we could have another ice storm on our hands affecting million also of people sunday into monday. look at the forecast precipitation. where you see pink on your screen, that's where we could see some measurable ice on the roadways. on the power lines, we could have power outages for days, if not weeks, if this ice storm pans out to what we think it could. again, the radar is going to show you where we see the potential for the heavy snow across the rockies. we'll also see several inches of snow. the midwest across the tennessee river valley. here's the concern sunday into monday. where you see the pinks and purples. that's where we could see that ice storm across portions of the mid-atlantic and the southeast. really dangerous of course. we will be here in the extreme weather center updating you on the very latest. >> we know you will.
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you got to stay off the roads if at all possible during this ice storm. okay, thanks very much. >> we are getting more details on the problems with the health care website. the obama administration says roughly a quarter of the people who signed up in october and november may have errors on their form. this month, it could be 1 in 10. the electric forms are sent to insurers but if they don't have the right information cannot complete the enrollment. elizabeth prann has more. >> reporter: the administration admits there are additional errors. the glitch pertaining to electric files sent from to insurance companies. they're called 834 forms. companies use them to bill consumers. about 1 in 10 of those forms are showing errors such as misspellings.
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in turn, the companies can't complete the transaction if any of these flaggings are raised. the white house says it's still a work in progress for the contractors. >> they're making sure that everyone who enrolled is -- is enrolled, in fact, and addressing the challenges that were particularly keen in the beginning of this process, on the back end, the forms. >> reporter: in light of the administration's flip-flop on allowing folks to keep their old health coverage. the house has sent legislation to delay the individual mandate, allowing customer, to keep their old health plans. one of many proposals which haven't moved in the senate. >> if the president won't scrap this law, isn't it time for him to delay it for all americans before it does further harm? >> reporter: federal officials are now urging people to stop using paper applications in fear they won't be processed by the december 23rd deadline for
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health insurance coverage starting january 1st. arthel, bag to you. >> elizabeth prann, thank you. >> defense secretary chuck hagel making a surprise visit to afghanistan today where he says he received assurances from that country's defense minister that a stalled security agreement with the united states will be signed in, quote, a very timely manner. but in a highly unusual move, the secretary chose not to meet with president hamid karzai who is the one holding up the pact that would keep thousands of u.s. and nato forces in afghanistan after 2014 for training and counterterrorism missions. >> president obama and secretary of state john kerry discussing middle east policy at a washington forum today. the president addressing a wide range of issues including strained relation, with israel, the peace process between israel and the palestinians, as well as defending the recent nuclear
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deal with iran. >> what we have to do is make a decision as to given the options available, what is the best way for us to assure that iran does not get a nuclear weapon? the best way is to test this diplomatic pact. understanding that it's not based on trust. it's based on what we can verify. >> live in washington with more. >> the nuclear deal calls for iran to cap in a verifiable way its nuclear program in exchange for an ease in international sanctions. today, president obama was try to answer critic, s of the deal. israeli prime minister netanyahu for one said it was a mistake. the iranian president hosseini told his country it was a good deal for tehran. while he didn't mention netanyahu by name, he pointed to national leaders who don't like
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the six-month interim agreement. rouhani said, quote, you saw which country got angry with the deal and you saw what a blow was inflicted on zionism, meaning israel. netanyahu, who met with secretary of state kerry earlier this week, pressioned the u.s. not to ease sanctions on iran. today, president obama said the u.s. should not be, quote, naive about iran, but also be open to the possibility that iran actually may abide by the deal. >> we have to not constantly assume that it's not possible for iran, like any country, to change over time. it may not be likely. if you ask me what is the likelihood we are able to arrive at the end state i was just describing earlier, i wouldn't say that it's more than 50/50. but we have to try. >> one middle east expert says
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it's just not likely to happen. >> it's really hard to see right now what the end game would be. i mean, are the iranians really prepared to put $100 billion nuclear infrastructure in mothballs. and is the united states, the congress, really prepared to eliminate comprehensive oil and banking sanctions that have been so effective to this point in getting the iranians to the negotiating table? >> miller says this deal may give the world a bit more time to come up with a way to manage iran's nuclear program. >> molly henninburg, thank you. a congressman now is calling for the prosecution of president obama's intelligence czar. it involves testimony given by james clapper, director of national intelligence, during u.s. senate intelligence committee hearing earlier this year. when asked if the nsa collects
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information on americans, clapper denied it. take a listen. >> does the nsa collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of americans? >> no, sir. >> it does not? >> not wittingly. there are caseses where they could inadvertently perhaps collect but not wittingly. >> well now wisconsin congressman james sensenbrenner, original author of the patriot act, telling the congressional news site the hill that clapper should be prosecuted for lying to congress. >> meanwhile, nelson mandela's family making their first statement since the former south african president's death. say, quote, the pillar of the royal mandela family is no more with us physically, but his spirit is still with us. the anti-apartheid leader died
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at the age of 95. president obama, as well as former presidents clinton and george w. bush plan to visit south africa next week to attend funeral services for mandela. we are remembering the victims of the attack on pearl harbor 72 years ago today. a 21-gun salute and thousands attending a memorial ceremony at pearl harbor. the attack by the japanese in 1941 killed over 2,400 people and launched the u.s. into world war ii. the american commander of the pacific fleet speaking at the memorial. he reminded the crowd of the courage displayed at pearl harbor. >> it was a day of gallantry and unquestionable heroism, even as it was a day of sacrifice and loss. for those who gave their last
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full measure of devotion to the nation that day, we feel a deep sense of sorrow for the loss of such potential. >> and there was also a ceremony, as you can see right here, in our nation's capital, washington, d.c. by the way, about 50 survivors attended the ceremony at pearl harbor today. when we come back, a new battle in washington over extending federal unemployment benefits. what could happen if congress doesn't act? >> the number of americans who do not have driver's licenses these days, well, it's going to surprise you, it's decreasing. why, what's causing the trend. p? we'll tell you. >> also, planning to buy a new smart phone? we'll show you some good ones with amazing price tags. as a business owner, i'm constantly putting out fires. so i deserve a small business credit card with amazing rewards.
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welcome back. the obama administration and house republicans lost in a new battle right now over extending federal emergency jobless benefits. this, after friday's strong jobs report showing the economy added 203,000 jobs last month, sending the unemployment rate down to a
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five-year low of 7%. rick tyler, senior vice president of the strategy group and former spokesman for former house speaker newt gingrich. ellen ratner, talk radio news service bureau chief and fox news contributor. here now to talk about this. good to see both of you. >> thank you. >> good to be here. >> of course, more people working is always good news. do you think we need more placement, though, in jobs that are paying more than minimal wage or are more stable than part-time jobs? if so, how do we get there? >> we certainly do. part of the way we can get there is by developing more infrastructure projects because our infrastructure is crumbling in some places. certainly know the bridges and roads are doing it. jim pinkerton talks about this project he's got going. there are ways we can get these higher-paying jobs. every time there are people who
3:21 pm
make more money, they put more money into the economy. so that also stimulates the economy. >> rick, you say what to that? >> well, i agree. we got to put more money into the economy. the infrastructure jobs are fine. the way to get it working again is to lower taxes. increase domestic energy production and that policy could really be revamped. it's really a shame. workers are poised to create a lot of new jobs. they have the capital to do so. the number one reason they're not doing it is because of the obama care mess. they'll have a wait and see attitude, see if they'll add workers full time or hire new workers and actually quite the opposite, laying people off and keeping them below full time until this obama care problem is solved. >> i'm going to give you a moment to respond there. let me jump in there. where rick leaves off. of course we know a steady climb in employment is better than being stagnant. apart from what rick is considering obama care as a
3:22 pm
blocker, what would you say are some of the blockers that are preventing more robust job growth to the point where we have that happy days are here feeling that permeates the air? >> i don't think obama care is the thing that is doing it because frankly i think most larger groups, corporations actually provide health care. i think that's great. the issue is, is there a way that we can actually take some of these jobs and close the loopholes, which congress has not done, so these jobs don't go off shore? >> so, rick, i ask you then, how can congress and the administration work in concert to further grow the jobs market? >> first, let me say the employer-based health insurance market is going to -- remember, we had a one-year delay and that's going to up again i think in downor july. and we've already seen ups for example just dismiss all the spouse's insurance. that's going to continue to go
3:23 pm
on. so it is -- the epploiper-based insurance is a real problem and will go on. it keeps employerses where they are and keeps them from hiring people. that's the first thing that needs to be solved. above and beyond that, get rid of, you know, lower capital gains, get more money working in the economy. it worked for ronald reagan. >> they had much higher taxes -- >> -- reagan actually had the right policies to create jobs growth and until we do that, it's just going to go on the way it is. by the way, qe-1, 2 and 3, one of the largest, slowest recoveries we've had, because the central planners have really screwed this up and they don't know jack about how to get the economy moving. otherwise, we wouldn't have had qe-1, 2 and 3. we'd be far better off if we left that money in the private sector. >> taxes were much higher under kennedy, as were capital games,
3:24 pm
et cetera. i think capital gains have come down quite a bit. maybe that's contributed to the commit getting better. maybe it hasn't. we were in quite a mess in 2008. >> is it time to end the stimulus? >> i don't know, i'm not an economist. i do know the stimulus has helped. i would like to see more stimulus that are specific to jobs. >> ellen, i started with you, so i'll let you finish. >> what that does, it puts the government in charge of the economy. we get things like salindra and all these investments in things that don't matter and end up costing. you can't say the trillions of dollars that has gone to the stimulus, no one has said anything about what it has done to stimulate the economy. it hasn't done anything to stipulate the economy and has done nothing to bring the employment rate down. now it's at 7%. and indication -- >> is 7% good or bad? >> -- it is still below. it's been that way since july of '09. that means that people have left the workforce. there aren't really jobs being
3:25 pm
created. they'd like to count them but the bureau of labor statistics says the percentage of adults who are working has stayed the same since july 2009. somebody ought to reconcile these numbers. >> we agree the numbers need to be reconcileled perhaps but i think if the unemployment rate has gone down, i think that is -- means more people are working. that seems to be pretty clear statistic. >> marginally. >> okay. you just got the last word. i told you i'd give it to you. you just got the last word. they're giving me a really hard wrap, i got to go. thank you so much. every now and again we like to check in on what our affiliates are working so tonig story of a groomed bee dumped by his fiance, who then turned his would-be wedding reception into somethiig kind of special. keith landry has this story. >> santa claus stopped by friday night to make sure these little
3:26 pm
elves have a merry christmas. these local children waiting to be adopted were thrilled to score gifts and have a blast. santa's helper is winston lee. when his big day got canceled, he decided to throw a big bash for the children. he called the celebration a winter wonderland. a night of hope and wonderment. >> feels great. i can't describe how wonderful this feels. >> 70 children in the foster care children here in central florida have the chance to visit with santa and have some great holiday fun. thanks to mr. lee. and tonight they are saying thank you to him. 14-year-old christian says merry christmas to the host of this festive event. he'll be adopted next month after waiting five years for a family. what are you looking forward to? >> having a mom and a dad that can support me and school and -- just having fun with them. and spending time together.
3:27 pm
>> jennifer's adopted little jackson last month. she's impressed with winston's decision to help the foster children. and says we should all do the same. >> if you're able to, there's so many kids out there that need to be adopted and they bring joy to everybody they touch. >> our future is our children. you have to do what is right for them. >> good for winston. good for him. that was wofl's keith landry reporting. winston, i am confident, will eventually find the right person. >> please, after that story and what he did, he's going to get many proposals. think girls will be calling him, going, hey, winston, you're a good guy. >> kind-hearted person. very good. thank you. when we come back, america may be losing its love affair with the car. say what? fewer people are learning how to drive. we're going to tell you who's not hitting the rooad and why. plus, some major companies are moving into large cities. we'll discuss why they're doing this and why some people are not
3:28 pm
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welcome back. getting your first car, it's always been an american tradition. but now that trend may be stalling. new studies show fewer young people are buying cars, getting driver's licenses or just even driving. so why are they hitting the brakes on all of this? so, what's the reason? >> you're right, it used to be part of the american dream, getting' driver's license used to be just a rite of passage for people but not anymore. research shows the number of young people between ages 14 to 34 without driver's licenses has increased from 21% to 26%, between 2000 and 2010.
3:33 pm
during that time, driving as a whole has dropped by a whopping 23% among 16-year-olds to 34-year-olds. meanwhile, the age group most likely to buy a car has shifted from 35 to 44 to the 55 to 64 age group. 30-year-old nick johnson from princeton, new jersey, last had a car and driver's license when he was 18, choosing instead to travel by bus. he says commuting a lot more fun on a bike, environmentally friendly and just practical. >> i don't have to park. i don't have to pay for car payments, automobile insurance, which i hear is really expensive in jersey. it's a form of entertainment and exercise. >> while the economy has played a role with more unemployed young people and high student loan payments, experts say more young people are not driving because they're moving to urban areas with access to public transportation. technology has also made it easier to work from home and
3:34 pm
shop from home and more people see driving as a hassle. >> there was much more aspiration to buy certain cars. i don't think the younger generation has that passion around it. it's really more getting from a to b. they have more passion for what's in the car. things like entertainment systems. >> she expects millennials to eventually buy cars but it's up to automakers to adapt, meaning building more small cars with more technology inside. >> so meanwhile, some companies are now hitting the road. a growing number are moving out of suburbs and into larger cities. one of the reasons, businesses are moving workers. take a look at this poll. as you can see, the younger you are, the more likely you are to live in urban area, whereas, a larger percentage of baby boomers headed for retirement are living in rural areas or the 'burbs.
3:35 pm
joining us to break it all down, david nelson, chief strategist for bell point management asset management. good to see you on the set. so basically, these companies for various reasons that you'll break down, they're moving into the cities. that means the younger workers are more -- >> that's true, a lot of fortune 500 companies are choosing to leave the suburb, go back to the cities. the reason they're giving us, they're saying they want to establish that urban presence. i get that, but i think what we're going to find out, that this is all about in the end, it's about the bottom line. >> which is? >> well, if you think about it, over the last several decades, a lot of these companies have built up a workforce. a lot of them include people like myself. baby boomers and gen x. these workers tend to receive higher wages. they're out there in the suburbs. they're out there for the schools. you know, pillars of the community.
3:36 pm
but in the cities, we see we have a very young workforce. a lot of highly educated young professionals who choose to start their careers there. that's a way for them to tap into that. they're not going to be too unhappy if some of these workers say no to the long commute and choose to leave. >> these companies are saying, i can save a lot of money by hiring kids out of college at a much lower pay scale and get rid really? >> it may not be quite that sinister, but that's definitely in the back of their mind. >> that's really too bad. you know why? let's look at this. these boomers, ages 48 to 66, and then the gen-xeres, these are the people who have kids who they're trying to put through college. we're talking about people who are taking care of their elderly aging parents. really, that's a company where they've been for 25 years, that's how the companies want to treat them? >> you know, that's corporate
3:37 pm
america. it's about the bottom line here. the one thing they can fall back on, 43% of all americans with a bachelors degree live in an urban environment. a lot of corporations are choosing to do this. archer daniels is one. yahoo! has decided to do this, even united continental. >> let's take the flip side of the argument. we're certainly not anti-capitalism here of course. we understand that people want to increase their profit margin. however, when you can't do -- you tell me, you're the expert on this, you can't totally just dismiss the quote/unquote older workforce. >> no. >> because then you need experienced workers around, correct? >> this is going to be different for different corporations. they're going to have to look at the pluses and the minuses of this. it's not going to happen overnight. it's going to happen over a very large period of time. attrition is natural. they're not unhappy about the fact their workforce is going to be declining in age. >> if you're an older worker
3:38 pm
willing to make the trek into the city, do you have a better chance of keeping your job? >> yes, you do, absolutely. >> all right, got to make adj t adjustme adjustments. thank you very much. good to see you. with your burnt orange texas tie there. go, longhorns. i like it. thank you. >> there is something to be said for experience and wisdom and, you know, intelligence. >> thank you, greg. >> i just wanted to throw that in. >> it's true. >> all right. americans across the country are marking a very solemn day that changed the course of history. the japanese surprise attack on pearl harbor 72 years ago today. we're going to look at the lessons learned and how they apply to the war on terror.
3:39 pm
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. .
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december 7th, 1941, a date which will live in infamy. the united states of america was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces
3:43 pm
of the empire of japan. >> immortal words of president franklin delano roosevelt following the devastating surprise attack on pearl harbor prp it was 72 years ago today that the imperial japanese navy unleashed its fury on the fleet, killing more than 2,400 americans, both military and civilian, and plunging the united states into world war ii. ceremonies are being held across the nation today to mark the occasion wi occasion. what lessons can we still learn today from that terrible tragedy? our best it isguest is a formerf of staff and fox news analyst. good to see you. historians have been critical that america was caught off guard. is that fair criticism? if so, is it a we must always be vigilant, always
3:44 pm
prepare? >> it's true, we it have an intelligence failure. certainly their movements through the japanese islands. we did not detect that. we've had failures since then. 9/11 being one of them. strategic surprises is something an enemy does have in its kick back and we'll continue to see elements of strategic surprise in the future. >> in so many ways, the current enemy is a very different one, as you mentioned, terrorists, not in uniform, but they too successfully carried out a sneak attack on 9/11. another reminder. >> yes, absolutely. what we saw, you know, and i think will always make pearl harbor and 9/11 so striking in everyone's memory is because it wasn't a fair fight. in either case, we were not at war. and the fact of the matter is, pearl harbor, we had people who
3:45 pm
mostly were sleeping and they were killed in their bunks or their barracks. and 9/11, they were working. and the fact of the matter is, on both occasions, though, we saw this same reaction. and that is, the bravery and tenacity of those who were able to survive to be able to help others and in the case of pearl harbor to actually fight back from deck guns, fight back from barracks and get in the air and fight back. so the bravery and tenacity of the american people and its troops is something that reflects the strong values of america. >> technology now is so advanced and the attack can come from no group or country at all. economic attacks, affecting banks and currency. computer attacks that involve anything from electrical grids to transportation systems. so it's a vexing problem for us to be prepared now on so many different and varied fronts.
3:46 pm
>> well, there's no doubt about that. the fact of the matter is is nuclear proliferation is the number one threat in the world. certainly, wmds or weapons of mass destruction, getting in the hands of terrorists or a nation state like iran, is not only dangerous to the region, but also dangerous to the american people's security. and then the often unspoke of danger that we're facing, because so much of our critical infrastructure in the united states is exposed, is cyber attack. the fact is, our financial system is exposed. our government, except for the military, is. our transportation system. certainly our air system is exposed. and our utility grid. now, a country wouldn't do something like that without us responding so that in a sense check mates them, sim alreailar nuclear power check mate. in a hands of a terrorist, they
3:47 pm
could use something like that, rather than fly a plane into a building. >> closing this by quoting an editorial from a michigan news called "the iron mountain daily news." they write the following. it is our mission to be prepared for all. thousands of brave men died before they could fight at pearl harbor. the greatest tribute that we can give those men is to pledge that there shall never be another pearl harbor. well said, isn't it, general? >> yes, absolutely is well said. that means to prevent those kinds things from happening, one, it takes strong leadership. when america's leadership is strong in the world, the world's a safer and more secure place. secondly, we have to have a strong military. if we're going to deter others from doing those kinds of things that have happened to us in the past. that deterrence is crucial. >> general jack, it's a pleasure to have you with us on this day.
3:48 pm
thank you so much. >> good talking to you, greg. >> and we'll be right back. ♪ [ alarm sound for malfunctioning printer ] [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you've learned a thing or two. [ metal clanks ] ♪ this is the age of knowing what you're made of. so why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? [ gears whirring ] talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decreasor loss in vision or hearing. [ cellphone beeps ] this is the age of taking action. viagra. lk to your doctor. this is the age of taking action. fothe most advancedips shaving experience.3d with gyroflex 3d technology, you can get to those hard to reach places for the ultimate shave wet or dry. guaranteed. visit now to save $30.
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and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
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3:52 pm
senior electricics editor is here now, and, mike, good to see you, first of all. >> good to be here. >> just in time for christmas. you've got some tips on good phones for us, right? >> yes, right here, we have the nokia lumia 1520. at 6 inches, it's both a phone and a serving tray. no, it's only -- it really is big, but we love the screen. it's the best display. it's really designed for people who really love watching multimedia. it's in between. it's almost like a small tablet in other respects. the camera's very good. it's got a 20 megapixel camera which we found took excellent pictures. >> the price tag on this? >> only $100. >> that's truly amazing. >> the next one you've got for us is the samsung galaxy. >> this is a junior version of one of the most popular phones out there.
3:53 pm
the samsung galaxy s-4. this one has a 4.3 inch screen. it has most of the benefits. it's the sam size as the iphone 5 yet the screen -- >> so this is new? >> it's recent. it's like a mutation of the samsung galaxy s-4 family. >> i have the 3 but this is the smaller -- >> this is more pocket friendly. it has a lot of the great features that make the galaxy a popular phone. >> i walked into a store the other way, was selling for a penny. >> what? how is that? >> that is -- well, actually, in sprint, it's -- you can save a penny because it's free. >> okay, so -- >> with the contract -- >> they make their money how, on the service? >> that's where all money is anyway -- >> like a two-year contract? >> this phone is going to be inexpensive anyway if you have to buy it outright. but that's where all the money is.
3:54 pm
fine fine', the motorola. >> the motorola x. they put some of their newer technologies in there. right now, gesture controls. okay, google now. okay, google. >> maybe i messed it up by touching it. >> no, no. >> do it again. >> okay, google. well, this is -- >> try it again, hold it closer to you. >> okay, google now. >> hi there, it says. >> i didn't have a chip in there, but if this was connected to a phone service, could i ask it like how many calories in a bagel. the phone is already always waiting to hear my voice. to do something. whether it's to take a picture or tell me what time it is. >> how much is that? >> again, this is very inexpensive. it's about 100 to $150 depending
3:55 pm
on the carrier. the nice thing about it, you can customize it. they have a wide variety of cases that you can pick. even a wooden case. that you can design. >> we got about a minute left. do you have some dos and don'ts? >> wifi, wifi, more wifi. this holiday season, it is carriers a grinch. we used to have unlimited data. now some behaviors, people love to stream music and video, those things can eat up through your two gigabyte dat at it allowance really fast. so only do those when you're connected to wifi. >> of course don't do banking and other sensitive -- >> that's right, because you never know who's listening or watching. or watching your transaction. >> keep track of your data. >> phones have apps on them called my at&t or my verizon where you can quickly look up to see how much you're using.
3:56 pm
>> don't watch video streams, don't make video calls, don't upload video, don't listen to stream music, don't play connected games online. mike gikas, thank you so much. >> good stuff. thank you very much. >> we're out of time. >> that does it for us. i'm careful investor. when you do what io, you think about sk
3:57 pm
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this is the fox report. tonight the vice president offered him a ride on air force 2. he said no thanks. i'm going home directly. tonight, the u.s. veteran, a grandfather who was held in north korea is free. >> a huge sigh of relief for merrill newman's family. >> i'm delighted to be home. it's been a great, great homecoming. >> his flight landing on american soil just hours ago after a sudden about-face from north korea's government. we'll have the very latest on his return. >>. >> also, a deadlywi